mbassadors Bible College & Seminary

 "We Are Christ's Ambassadors"

A Message From Our President

Dr. Tiffany Jones


We welcome you here from Ambassadors Bible College and Seminary to allow us to help you obey this order. Our Mission and Motivation is to take the Gospel to every kindred, tongue, tribe and nation through our global evangelism and discipleship programs.

Embrace the power within you; learn and grow in the things of God. We look forward to equipping you for a dynamic life of service as an Ambassador for the Kingdom of God.

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About Us

Ambassadors Bible College & Seminary offers two programs of study in Christian Theology and Practical Ministries that we believe you will find both practical and relevant to everyday life and ministry. You can study in the convenience of your own home or wherever there is an internet connection, at your own pace and pay as you go. Feel free to browse our courses of study and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Online Student Center
Students can access the Online Student Center to download course materials and submit reports for grading.

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Our Accreditation
International Association of Christian Schools

Ambassadors Bible College & Seminary is accredited by the International Association of Christian School (I.A.C.S.) which provides accreditation for schools, churches and ministries with global vision. Recognition by the I.A.C.S. means that we have meert the requirements for qualified instructors and high quality curiculuum that will enhance the life and ministry of our students.

"Setting the Standard for Excellence in Christian Education".

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